Past Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions

Zilia Sánchez: Soy Isla(I Am an Island)

June 16 to October 21, 2019

The exhibition Zilia Sánchez: Soy isla ( I Am an Island), organized by The Phillips Collection, presents the first retrospective of the Cuban artist in a museum.

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September 9, 2018 to April 22, 2019

Thirteen pieces – a marble sculpture and twelve carvings of penguins – from the Spanish artist exiled in Puerto Rico, Francisco Vázquez Díaz, “Compostela”.

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A place for Puerto Rico: the contemporary collection, 1959-1965

April 13, 2018 to April 8, 2019

A look into the presence of contemporary Puerto Rican art in the Museum, from its foundation in 1959 until the opening of its current building in 1965.

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Small treasures from the Frick Collection

March 17 to August 6, 2018

The Frick Collection is a prestigious New York museum located in a mansion on Fifth Avenue. The exhibition presents ten small masterpieces of an intimate nature, mostly on paper, by important European artists such as Goya, Durero, or Delacroix.

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Frederic Leighton and the Eternal Mediterranean

August 26, 2017 to January 15, 2018

The first exhibition in America dedicated to Frederic Leighton, the author of our iconic Flaming June. With paintings, oil sketches and drawings on loan from Leighton House Museum in London, the exhibition explores the artist’s interest in the Mediterranean and the female figure.

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Luxury and Identity: Konstantin Makovsky and the Decorative Arts in Russia

March 18 to July 17, 2017

A rich and exquisite treasure of Russian decorative arts, with objects from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, provides the context to immerse us in one of the Museum’s largest and most beloved paintings, Konstantin Makovsky’s intriguing Choosing the Bride (1887). Our exhibition Konstantin Makovsky: The Czar’s Painter presents over 40 pieces – paintings, icons, silver, ceramics and enamels – from Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens in Washington, D.C.

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Family, Work and Diversity in Eighteenth-Century Mexico

February 17 to October 2, 2016

The paintings of castes respond to the social reality of miscegenation in the New Spain in the 18th century, a moment in which Mexico is an important center of artistic creation. The exhibition displays colorful, exotic and intriguing caste paintings from the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, recently restored at the Museo de Arte de Ponce.

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The Memory of Nature: The Rhythm of Life, by Diógenes Ballester

October 8, 2016 to February 20, 2017

The Puerto Rican artist approaches ancient or distant cultures to look for clues that help us recover the connection with nature from our place in the cosmos, a link that has been lost in the globalized western culture. The exhibition stimulates your senses and invites you to transport yourself to moments of reflection, union with your surroundings, and return to common roots.

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Carlos Rolón: Tropicalizia

October 9, 2016 to February 20, 2017

The artist looks at Puerto Rico from the diaspora and reinvents its daily reality, turning the Creole slabs, the geometry of the bars of the neighborhood and the exuberant flora into icons full of irony and nostalgia. Through the transformation of common objects, Tropicalizia proposes a reflection on culture, community and Puerto Rican identity.

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Papo Colo

October 29, 2016 to January 30, 2017

In 1977, the Puerto Rican artist Papo Colo tied fifty-one pieces of wood to his body- one for each state, including Puerto Rico- and ran naked across a Manhattan street until he collapsed with exhaustion. This performance, entitled Superman 51, is the focus of the exhibition organized by the Museo de Arte de Ponce in collaboration with MoMA PS1.

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