Julio Micheli – Beetles of Puerto Rico

In the Animal Kingdom, of terrestrial species, beetles comprise one of the largest groups of insects; approximately 350,000 species are known. The most obvious feature that differentiates coleoptera from other insects has to do with wings. The longicornious coleoptera, the subject of this exposition, is distinguished from most species by their long antennae that sometimes far exceed the length of the body.

The drawings presented in the exhibition were made with graphite pencil, in different gradations, on special textured paper. Most of the illustrations were based on specimens from the collection of the author and his daughter an entomologist and teacher. From a very young age, Julio Micheli had a particular interest in nature. His first collection of insects was made as a child. In high school, his favorite subjects were biology and mathematics, but he also liked drawing. Finally, the interest in art triumphs and he does his university studies in art.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that Julio Micheli has found his passion in this group of beetles for the past 30 years, just as he has had for art. During his successful career, Micheli has divided his time between Puerto Rico beetles and his paintings and sculptures. This exhibition presents a beautiful intersection between his two passions. The exhibition will be accompanied by Longicornios de Puerto Rico, a book sponsored by the Puerto Rico Conservation Trust.

He was a university professor for 33 years where he taught courses in oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, drawing, fundamentals in color and design, advertising design, screen-printing, intaglio, photography, and history and concepts of modern art.

Julio Micheli has a vast work in various media ranging from screen-printing to acrylic, to works that combine the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional. His triptych The Sorcerer is part of the collection of the Museo de Arte de Ponce.