The Museo de Arte de Ponce Celebrates Alliance with Plaza Del Caribe and Plaza Las Américas

(Ponce, Puerto Rico – September 23, 2021) – The Museo de Arte de Ponce announced today, the creation of an alliance with Plaza Del Caribe and Plaza Las Américas to promote the interest for the arts and highlight the artworks of the museum’s collection.

Under the theme Plaza Del Caribe se viste del Museo de Arte de Ponce, the joint initiatives started with an impressivedisplay of printed vinyl, in big format, of a selection of artworks of the museum covering 12 store windowsin the second floor of the renownedcommercial center. Some of the artworks that the public can enjoy are the iconic Flaming June (ca.1895),ofFrederick Leightonjoined by Judit y la cabeza de Holofernes (ca.1527-1537), of Lucas Cranach “El Viejo”, La Inmaculada Concepción del espejo (ca.1660-1678), of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, El rosal silvestre, serie pequeña, El rey y su corte (ca.1871-1873), andEl rosal silvestre, serie pequeña, La bella durmiente(1871-1873), both from Edward Burne- Jones. The latter basedon the story of The Sleeping Beauty, made popular by the animated version produced by Walt Disney. Each artwork has a QR Code that allows the spectator access to detailed information of the history of the piece and its author. In addition, people can participate of a$100 Plaza Gift Cards’ sweepstake.

“The museum is in a crucial moment of its history, where we are starting the efforts leading to the reconstruction work needed to fix the damages caused after the earthquakes of January 2020. This project will give us the opportunityto renovate our commitment with the community that we served and to reiterate our objective to be acenter of convergence for the arts and culture of Puerto Rico and the world. The opportunity that Plaza Del Caribe offeredto highlight a selection of artworks of our collection is of great value for the institution and shows the commitment of the affiliated organizations to the group of Empresas Fonalledas in contributing that the art that house our Island, and is part of our cultural heritage, is accessible to everyone”, indicated María Luisa Ferré Rangel, President of the Board of Trustees of the Museum.

The President of Empresas Fonalledas and its affiliates, Jaime Fonalledas, reiterated his support to the Museo de Arte de Ponce expressing, “our support to the artistic and cultural manifestations is an integral part of our mission and commitment to Puerto Rico. The museum is a pillar of our Island and for us is a honor to serve as hosts of these initiatives and to be an allyfor the institution in their cultural and educational efforts.”

In addition, the event Ice Cream & Artis also part of the initiatives of thecompany and the museum dedicated to create spaces that incentivize the community to interact with art. The first of these series took place last Saturday close to the Central Atrium of Plaza Del Caribe, in Ponce. The next one is scheduled for this Saturday, September 25 in two sessions of 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. in Plaza Las Américas. The event consistsof an art workshop inspired in the Puerto Rican Art Collection of the museum and guided by the staff of the Department of Community Affairs of the institution. During the workshop, participants will be gifted with ice cream from Soft & Creamy. To reserve a space you can access the PLAZA App. Limited spaces are available. The event will have two additional sessions on Saturday, October 9, in Plaza Del Caribe, in Ponce and Saturday, October 23 in Plaza Las Américas.

On the other hand, the Head of the Department of Community Affairs of the museum, Sofía Cánepa, reiterated the importance of in – person interactions for the development of children and youngsters and the well -being of the community in general, and is very pleased with the workshops that are taking place in both commercial centers. Cánepa added that, “even though we are going to continue doing virtual workshops through ConectARTE, we are already offering in person sessions especially in vulnerable populations of the South region of the Island, always maintainingstrict sanitary protocols to guarantee the safety of our participants.”

“At the museum we value the decades’ long relationship that we have cultivated with Empresas Fonalledas and are grateful for their constant support.We expect to continue developing joint initiatives. Even though our galleries will be under reconstruction for a while, the museum will continue to be very active in our communities creating spaces for the development of creativity through art and promoting our collection for the benefit of all”, concluded Ferré Rangel.