Art in response: Jorge Díaz Torres

Art in response is an initiative that invites contemporary artists to select an artwork, or period, represented in the museum’s European art collection to serve as a point of reference for an artwork or series of artworks that will be exhibited as a counterpoint in the museum’s galleries. On this occasion, the museum has invited young Puerto Rican artist Jorge Díaz Torres, who presents a series of contemporary sculptures in dialogue with the architectural spaces of the Edward Durell Stone building and with artworks in the museum’s permanent collection by Old Masters such as Peter Paul Rubens; David Teniers II, the younger; Pompeo Batoni; and William Frost, among others.

A graduate of the Escuela de Artes Plásticas in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Díaz Torres employs papier-mâché or ceramic to faithfully recreate objects that are found in urban contexts, such as the air conditioners typically found on the porches of Puerto Rican homes, or the chassis of a car with stolen tires elevated on cinder blocks. His work recalls the experimental nature of French artist Marcel Duchamp’s artistic practice, due to his incorporation of everyday materials and exploration of the frontiers between art and life.