Current Programs

Current Programs

Puerto Rico Mío

This program, with long-term results, attends to the educational needs of students from 3th through 6th grade from Escuela Elemental La Carmen in one of the most disadvantaged towns in the island, Maricao. Weekly art workshops at the school and guided visits to the Museum promote teamwork and collaborative skills among students. At the end of the school year, the students present their art projects in the Community Outreach space at the Museum. This program is made possible by Fundación Banco Popular.

School programs

With annual funds received by the Legislature of Puerto Rico, students and teachers from around the island are able to visit the Museum, receive guided tours of the permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, and partake in art workshops for free. The program reaches about 700 students per year and 150 children from Head Start programs.

Workshops for the general public

Part of the annual funds received from the Legislature of Puerto Rico is directed towards a robust program of art workshops and educational activities, making it free of cost for the general public, children and adults alike.

Young Guides

The Museo de Arte de Ponce’s Young Guides program is unique in Puerto Rico. It provides training for students interested in presenting the museum’s collections and exhibitions to visitors. The training consists of a basic course taught during the school year (September to May), once a week, after school hours. After completing the course, the students can work as volunteers in the Museum.

Art in Cristo Pobre Shelter

The Museum offers weekly art workshops to impoverished and homeless people. This program is made possible with the support of Fundación Plaza del Caribe.

Puertas abiertas (Open Doors) y Semilla dorada (Golden Seed)

Both programs cater to the elderly from Ponce and Southern parts of the island, offering trips to the Museum, art workshops and other activities.

Services offered in our School Program

  • Professional development: based workshops for teachers on how to integrate art in the school curriculum.
  • Guided tours for school groups adapted to grades ranging from K to 12.
  • Guided tours for students with special needs ranging from K to 12 grades.
  • Art workshops in visual arts disciplines such as drawing, painting, and sculpting on clay, among others. For all ages and skill levels, from beginners to advanced.
  • Summer program: activity packages consisting of tours and art workshops for small and large summer camp groups.

If you are an educator or wish to coordinate an event for students, please contact: [email protected]