Museo de Arte de Ponce launches capital campaign “Tracing the future”

The institution directs new efforts to rebuild the Edward Durell Stone building after the damage caused by the 2020 earthquakes

(Ponce, Puerto Rico – November 10, 2021) – The Museo de Arte de Ponce began today a new stage in its history, after launching an effort that seeks to generate the necessary support for the reconstruction of its main building, Edward Durell Stone, seriously affected by the earthquakes that occurred at the beginning of 2020. The campaign called “Tracing the Future” seeks to unite the will of various sectors, with the aim of repairing the damage to the structure, which houses the main galleries of the institution.

Through this effort, which includes various communication executions, the public will learn about the stories of the work team that, behind the scenes, has made it possible for the Museum to continue operating and offering services, especially to the most disadvantaged communities. These stories make latent that, although the heart of a museum is its collection, the soul is the people who give life to it through the daily work to continue asserting its mission of providing a space that allows inspiring and educating their audiences by interacting with art.

“Today is a great day for the Museo de Arte de Ponce. It is not news that recent years have been filled with immense challenges, especially for the southern part of Puerto Rico. Mother nature has put our will and our capacities to the test with the impact of the earthquakes at the beginning of 2020. But, although it is true that these have been difficult times, it is even more true that this period has served to prove to us that love and the efforts that a whole group of people puts into keeping this work alive are more powerful than any obstacle”, said María Luisa Ferré Rangel during her message, on behalf of the Museum’s Board of Trustees.

The campaign aims to raise $15 million, an amount that covers a portion of the reconstruction cost. The institution is also in the process of working with the facility’s insurers to match the remaining cost of the project.

The event also served to officially introduce to the community the new director of the Museum, Cheryl Hartup, who began work on November 1 with the task of carrying out these reconstruction efforts. Hartup will also focus on continuing community outreach projects and identifying opportunities,so that the collection continues to be enjoyed by the public in alternative spaces, both local and outside of Puerto Rico. “Next year we will start sharing our collection with Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, Museo de Arte y Diseño de Miramar, Museo de Arte del Recinto Universitario de Mayagüez, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico, and we look forward to collaborating with more partners on the island. In addition, wewill travel selections from Museo de Arte de Ponce’s collection to international museums, beginning in 2022, so diverse audiences can experience what Puerto Rico has to offer to the world. Above all, we will rebuild our art galleries and while the reconstruction process takes place, we will reactivate the museum with projects by local artists and cultural programs in the safe spaces within our facilities”, mentioned the new director.
“As difficult and titanic as this new stage may seem, we are not afraid. We are ready to face the reconstruction of our Museum with the best of efforts and always bearing in mind that this institution is unique, that its legacy is invaluable, and that the work carried out here is a door that opens Puerto Rico to the world. I invite everyone to join us in tracing a new future for the Museo de Arte de Ponce”, concluded Ferré Rangel.

To learn more about the campaign and how to be part of the Museum’s reconstruction initiatives, visit,or the social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram @museoarteponce.