Present Body

Adal, Norah Hernández, Elsa María Meléndez, and Jaime and Javier Suárez

Present Body brings together five artists from different disciplines who focus on the body as inspiration, subject and symbol. Adál gives us the photographic sequence Eyelids Falling, a surreal story in photonovela format. The armor-dresses of Norah Hernandez’s Bodies of Light installation are metaphorically soul vessels. The textile-based installation, The Curse of the Parade: Elsa María Meléndez’s Magic Dogs unfolds highly personal and social narratives. In the Puerto Rico Garden, the visitor will find the installation Archipiélago of Jaime and Javier Suarez: pieces of recycled asphalt form a human body and an island territory at the same time. Present Body encourages reflection on the representation of the physical body, not only as a living system, but also as a symbol of the condition of the human being.