Todo Totem, Marko Remec

Remec’s work resonates through the Indigenous Totems of the Pacific as recordings of the present, transforming the architectural and social function of these objects through the incorporation of industrial materials. Inspired by the power lines and security mirrors so familiar and present in the urban landscape of New York City, Remec’s modern totems invite the observer to reflect on qualities inherent in the urban and suburban conditions of our day, surveillance and paranoia, narcissism and indifference. The All Totem exhibition features three installations: Would That I Wish For (Tall Totem), Conversations (Enclosed Totem) and Silent Echo (Floor Totem).  

In each of them a multitude of mirrors creates an optical density that absorbs the viewer and his environment, proposing and guiding him towards self-reflection. Totem alto is an outdoor installation consisting of a single piece, while Totem de suelo and Totem confesional are integrated into the galleries of the Museo de Arte de Ponce. These three works propose layers of reflection to the visitor, creating a dynamic and creative assembly.