Due to seismic activity

After the seismic events occurred in the Southern region of Puerto Rico during the past weeks, we would like to inform about the present status of the Museo de Arte de Ponce. Of our extensive collection, with a total of approximately 4,500 artworks, three sculptures have suffered damages from the earthquake that hit the island on Tuesday, January 7. We are pleased to announce that the rest of our collections are safe and properly stored. As required in these circumstances, the Museum is currently performing the appropriate Emergency Recovery Process, which includes the evaluation of our collections, as well as our grounds.

An expert team of structural engineers have inspected the premises of the institution, including the main building, designed by Edward Durell Stone and completed in 1965, which houses the permanent display of the collection, and the new annex building, built in 2010, where the departmental offices and the Conservation Center are located. After a series of detailed assessments, the engineering firm has confirmed that so far no structural damage has been found, but evaluations on the structure will continue. The in-depth results obtained from these studies will also provide structural recommendations reflecting the seismic reality of the region.
The Edward Durell Stone building, mainly in its second floor, sustains visible non-structural damage evident to the naked eye. The damage consists mostly of breakages and detachments of sections of the plaster ceiling. It is important to clarify, however, that the ceiling does not hold any structural function. The restoration work required in the second floor is significant, and we will have to close this section while reconstruction is in progress.

As part of the undergoing Emergency Recovery Process, we are currently engaged in preliminary tasks in preparation for the reconstruction phase of the second floor, and remain hopeful that the seismic activity will cease during this period. Due to all of the aforementioned, the Museum will remain closed until further notice.
Our goal, however, is to re-open the first floor of the Museum as soon as possible. In the meantime, the institution will continue to carry out art workshops in shelters of the Southwest region of the Island and operate a Collection Center, accepting personal hygiene articles, in our facilities.